Game of Thrones – The Energy League

Since it debut in 2011 the series Game of Thrones is attracting people all over the globe. And they are eager to know what is next, who is next and when is next. Fascinating, isn’t it? Game of Thrones got its heydays and is in 2014 far from over – and give or take another 7 years. Quality ensures longevity and is the key to success to continue throwing thrones into the game.

Time has changed, people are in constant demand for high-quality television shows and demand is growing. The medium is the message and the medium has changed, from television to video on demand – whenever to wherever and as often as you want. Can this approach be translated to the energy market? High-quality energy? Clean energy? Long lasting energy?

But has the medium to transport energy changed? Certainly not, it is still electricity traveling through the wires. And people like continuity – to watch safely Games of Thrones, while sitting at home or commuting. But at the same time they do not care when watching the series; thus the key to success is to increase awareness prior to starting the show.

Awareness! Another buzz word with a lot of meaning. How-to? Increase? Sharpen? Keep it up? And who is first and who follows? Them? And then us? And is it a quick fix?

Awareness could be certainly sharpened by the makers of the show. Obvious that production companies require energy to create the Game(s). They could create The-Energy-League, a commercial platform where creativity is getting powered by fuels which sharpen awareness of people watching the show. Fuels which are considered bridging fuels, like natural gas, biogas, shale gase and flare gas. And it is fairly easy to start with, like with everything else when talking entertainment. Just make an announcement. Ambush them with going green, or slightly green energy. Them? Us, of course. Does it have to be true? Maybe. But you start creating awareness. In small steps.

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